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Have you thought about if counseling is right for you? Or maybe you are wondering what counseling consist of? 

Are you in need of some extra support,

experiencing a martial issue, or battling a serious mental health diagnosis?

If these are questions that you have or issues that you are facing, then you have arrived at the right place to the find answers and the support that you need. 

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I believe that counseling can be so many different things to people allowing them to benefit in so many different ways.  Since humans are all unique, counseling is therefore, not a one size fits all. But rather a growing and healing experience which makes counseling so fulfilling. 


Feel free to contact me to schedule your first consultation. I am here to partner with you on your wellness journey to finding next best steps! I have the flexibility to meet with you where you are most comfortable. I look forward to speaking with you. 



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